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Mixing Colors

I classify myself as a lover rather than an expert when it comes to miniatures. I was exposed to miniatures games like Babylon 5 wars in primary school and later on picked up the MechWarrior: Dark Age Heroclix game for a while. What was absent from my gaming experience until lately was the simple joy of painting miniatures and it really is a joy.

I was able to put paint on minis yesterday to some decent success


Today I faced a different challenge.  I didn’t have some required colors to paint my next set of minis, The Cardassians!


I do have some Apple Barrel (Walmart Acrylic) paints and I had picked up a cheap tube of yellow acrylic from Micheal’s craft store which I do not recommend unless you have no other choice.img_1589

It doesn’t dilute down when adding water well, but it did mix with the paints I had well enough today.

Speaking of today what I was lacking in colors was brown and orange to paint up my Cardassian ships.  mixing the acrylic paints was easy and hearkened back to elementary school craft projects.  I needed brown for accents on the Galor and Keldon saucers as well as their tails so I mixed my red and yellow to make a decent orange then added some dark blue and got an desirable brown which I applied when I felt needed

I then went back and mixed some more orange up to apply accents to highlight the warp nacelles found on the Cardassian ships on.  Finally I was able to add some red to the deflector/phaser array on the front of the Galors and Keldon


All in all I think the Cardassians came out well and they will make a excellent addition to the fleets marshaling for my next upcoming Full Thrust game.





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