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3 Man Faceoff. A Full Thrust light After Action Report

I had the opportunity to have two other folks come down and participate in a 3 way fight with my fleets and a copy of full thrust light.

We chose our fleets from the available ones in my game room.  One player chose my FSE (Federal Stats Europa fleet.  The other player chose my Narn fleet.  Lastly I chose the newly arrived Klingon fleet.

We were using the full thrust light rules that are available for free at the website of the original creator of the Full Thrust game system.


We had two different sets of SSDs from the light rules I chose the one where the battlecruiser had the thrust rating of 4 because I thought that would be the most realistic for the klingon Negh’Var but the other two players chose the SSD that gave their battlecruisers 2 plasma torpedoes each.  Ultimately I believe this SSD was the better choice.


We began by putting our ships within six inches of our table edge and deployed in that field.  Then, as the rules state, we wrote down our starting velocity and course and then specified our first turn move orders for  each ship in our fleets.

We rolled for initiative then moved our ships into position. The FSE player split his forces into two groups and that lead to some interesting engagements.  The Narn Player grouped his forces very close together and The Klingons, too far away to enter combat moved and watched the melee begin.


The FSE player won initiative and shot into the Narn group close enough to engage.


The FSE stated the target of the first volley and let loose his beam lasers to… miss.  As it becomes apparent in this game the FSE player has really bad rolls.  This set the pace for the rest of the game  the FSE Player in between the rest of us.


The  other FSE Ships didn’t do too bad against the Narn player though.


Eventually the FSE Player did finish off that Narn ship though.


As the turns went on the FSE player made some good moves, the Klingon player showed how green they were at navigating.

The FSE player turned to face both players easier and the Klingons charged ahead


As the Klingon Player barrelled toward the Narn to air past grievances the Narn player focused on taking out the the Klingons heavy cruiser.


Once the Klingons got uncomfortably close the Narn scored some lucky threshold checks and made sure that the Klingons wouldn’t be turning their ships from the course they had set.


The FSE Player took some careful shots at everyone one else to soften them up, but once the klingon player fled in defeat the fighting was now between just the Narn and FSE.



The dice were not in the FSE Players favor this night but they did enough damage to ward off the Narn until the end of the game.



All in all this was the first game we used all 8 ships in the Full Thrust Light intro scenario and with 3 players to boot.  Some lessons were learned and we look forward to the next game.



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