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Crazy crossover!

Had a few quick Full Thrust games the other night and had a to take some pictures along the way.

The ships chosen were mostly 3d printed on my Creality Ender 3 and painted by me and one of the other players

After some deliberation based on previous games my table mates chose to proceed in future games with Star Wars Armada scale. While this is problematic because Fantasy Flight Games made their scale sliding. The larger the ship the smaller the scale. Ive came to the conclusion that what looks good on the table is best for the players. For instance the star trek ships were 1:4000 the firefly scale is crazy scale because otherwise it wouldn’t be visible on the table. The CIS Captor carrier doesn’t even have well defined size dimensions.

The sides for the first engagement were drawn my side were from babylon 5. I fielded an Omega Destroyer a Nova Dreadnought a Hyperion heavy cruiser and a Olympus corvette.

Player 2 “Cameron” had requested that I print out a Firefly class transport. After finding a good file i printed and he added a flair of paint he found acceptable and he selected from right to left a captor light carrier, a Mels Miniatures Nebula Star destroyer, the aforementioned firefly, and a providence carrier.

Player 3 “Brad” was the newcomer to the table and had some interesting choices for his fleet. He requested the NSEA Protector from Galaxy Quest, and the Planet Express Ship from Futurama. rounding out his fleet was a CIS Hardcell Transport and a Warlock Advanced Destroyer.

The ship sheets we used are from the Full Thrust Light ruleset so all the ship classes were equal despite the differences in hulls.

The second round saw a new player join the game.

Player 4 “Dustin” chose to request the aforementioned Star Trek ships at 1:4000 scale.

This next game was trimmed down to just two ships per player to make it go a little faster

We fought it out and had fun.

Full thrust mid game batrep

We even recorded the end of the game. Look forward to more videos coming soon covering alot of full thrust content.



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