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Centauri painting.

I keep my Ender 3 busy printing fleets from basically every group I’ve ever wanted in the same wonky scale I’ve settled upon, Star Wars Armada scale.

Since I already have some ships from the Babylon 5 Centauri Republic done I have started painting them a bit.

Taking some strong inspiration from this Studio Dropship post I started with the base coat. As some readers may know I go cheap on paint and brushes. I use Army Painter Uniform Gray Spray primer usually and primed most of these 6 with that.  I then mixed a Apple barrel blue and red to get the maroon color for the base of the ships

I painted the ”exposed metal” parts of the ships with apple barrel metallic gunmetal then added gold highlights with a gold sharpie. They aren’t done but they are ready for the table at this point.

This fleet will continue to increase while i flush out support ships and battleships soon.



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