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Eras of the Federation.

I was able to finish printing my First Contact era anti-borg fleet, in 1:4000, for my friend and our tabletop

I pondered where to go next. Maybe The Next Generation?

I decided to assemble 3 different eras of the federation. The TNG era, the preTNG era and the anti borg era.

In the Anti Borg Era I have already printed the following:






And Defiant

In Addition I also printed the Intrepid class and Nova Class since they are definitely related to the starfleet shipyard development cycle that produced the above ships as well.  Happy with the printed results I will get the rest of the ships primed and all painted… someday.

The “The Next Generation” Era is fairly easy to define since we saw a great diversity of ships on screen during the seven seasons of that series. Where I think I want to go is printing the following: Oberth Class, Springfield, New Orleans, Nebula, Galaxy, Freedom-Class and the Excelsior refit.  I have two different models of the Oberth Class for different scenarios the science variant as seen in Star Trek 3 and “The Pegasus” in TNG and a combat refit that replaces the science secondary hull with a Miranda-style torpedo launcher pod as pictured below. img_3101

Then Finally I think the last era I will explore is the time between Star Trek The Undiscovered Country and when the Ambassador Class, as seen with the Enterprise-C, was in service.  That ship list should look something like this: Oberth, Miranda, Cheyenne, Ambasador, Excelsior, Centaur, and the constellation class.


I will post more updates as more ships get printed but let me know what you think of these choices.



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