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Enterprise-C era Starfleet

We don’t get to see too much of what the Federation was fielding between Star Trek The Undiscovered Country and The Next Generation but we do get clues based on encounters in Next Generation.

Based on what we see and hear about in that series I developed a list of Starfleet ships that would reasonably be fielded during this time.

The smallest of the ships would be a combat variant of the overthrow science vessel.

Like other ships that the Federation would later deploy such as the Nebula, the Oberth class is capable of being outfitted with many different mission pods and this one is one such outfitting. Equipped with a torpedo launcher pod the oberth becomes a decent small vessel that can be an asset to any task force. This variant is called the asmodeus light corvette.

The venerable Miranda class is legendary in its long term usefulness seeing usage from Star Trek wrath of khan all the way into the 25th century thanks to lore added by Star Trek Online.

The Miranda has a long and storied history and has been present at most if not all the major battles in the federation including the battle of wolf 359, the federation blockade during the Klingon civil war, the battle of sector 001 and saw extensive use during the Dominion War.

No fleet would be complete without a showing from the Miranda.

If the federation does one thing consistently it’s use spare parts to make new variants of ships. Made from the parts of excelsior and Miranda class ships the Centaur type

Similar to a Miranda it features a torpedo pod mounted to its bottom with roll bars leading to excelsior nacelles. The size of the centaur according to Ex Astris Scientia the centaur is scaled to the Miranda parts that were used in the models construction. However I felt that was unsatisfying so scaled it to the excelsior parts making it 49% larger than their 210m estimate at 312m.

The centaur would fit the medium Cruiser role in a task force

The constellation class was seen in The Next Generation and one such ship was the posting of a them Lieutenant Commander Picard earlier in his career. He described the USS Stargazer as an “overworked, underpowered vessel, always on the verge of flying apart at the seams.” After an incident that killed his captain and commander he took command of the situation and the vessel. That action lead to his appointment as the stargazer’s commanding officer where he served for 22 years. The constellation class would fit in a light cruiser role in my task force.

The Cheyenne class is kind of a odd ship for placement in this era but I’ve loved it since I saw it. It would fill a heavy cruiser role in this era and beyond.

Like the Miranda the Excelsior class has a long and proud tradition of service in the federation

While classified as an explorer during peacetime,it served as a battleship and then later as a heavy cruiser as newer ships took the lead in task forces.

Finally we come to the the Ambassador class. It was intended to replace the aging excelsior and constellation and served as the primary capital ship of the federation from 2325-2360. One such vessel was even granted the title of Enterprise-C. In this task force on my table it serves as the battleship and centerpiece of this era of Starfleet and the Fedetation.

Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think. Next we will cover the TNG era of starships.



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