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“The Last Jedi” Resistance fleet

After finding some cleaver ways to slice 3D prints for my Ender 3 printers I decided to try my hand and some big ships. Cue The Raddus. In Star Wars Armada scale the MC85 star cruiser is very big. Prior to launching the Super Star Destroyer at a whopping 600 or so millimeters the largest thing in armada was the Imperial star destroyer at 205ish millimeters. That put it at a scale of like 1/7900 where ships like the cr90 Corellian corvette is like 1/2500. With that as a basis I thought that the Raddus, which “irl” is reported as 3438m would look good at 350mm for the table.

I set about slicing the ship halfways in Cura and printing it.

Now that the Raddus was ready to grace the table it felt a little lonely so I figured heck let’s get the whole gang together. In “The Last Jedi” the Raddus was the main cruiser but there was also a Nebulon-C escort frigate, the Anodyne.

a Vakbeor cargo freighter, The Vigil,

and a Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster corvette named the Ninka.

The Raddus came from Thingiverse and the other three ships were found on 3D warehouse

I look forward to throwing some paint on these and sending them to battle.

Now all we need is some First Order Star Destroyers to chase them around…



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