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Armada Scale Klingon Fleet

For a while now I’ve been sitting in a unpainted fleet of Klingon ships that I’ve scaled to 1:4000 like most of the Star Trek ships I’ve printed. Over the past week I decided to move them one step closer to done.

The fleet consists of:

1x Negh’Var class warship

5x Vor’Cha class heavy cruisers

2x K’Vort class cruisers

2x D-10 Riskadh class cruisers

6x D-7 K’Tinga Class cruiser variants

4x B’rel class Birds of Prey

Now isn’t the time to debate Star Trek’s bird of prey inconsistencies. Suffice it to say on my tabletop there is a big one, the K’Vort, and a little one , the B’Rel.

I’m not the best painter so what I use may seem rudimentary to those who are more veteran to the model printing world. What I chose as a workflow was to take olive drab spray primer as a base. I then went to take on some details. For the orange I mixed some apple barrel red and orange paints. That was applied to nacelles and other engine areas. Using some source pictures from the web I also highlighted other areas on the vorchas, d10s, d7s and birds of prey. Places like the torpedo tubes on the d7s. I applied brushed silver to the vented areas and heat sinks on the appropriate ships. I applied gunmetal to the disruptor cannons on the birds of prey. Finally I made up a brown wash by mixing brown paint and my black wash with a few drops of water in them as well.

The larger ships are not done yet there are surface details that I need to highlight and I need to seal them but for now I’m satisfied. Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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