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Resin 3D printers

July 4th saw a number of excellent sales on resin 3D printers.

I have been looking at them for a long time to add to the 3 fdm printers I have and increase the detail present on my smaller parts.

Choosing the Anycubic photon was a second choice for me. I had originally gone with the monoprice mp mini deluxe because it had 50mm more of Z height but the software experience for monoprice resin printers was frankly unacceptable. So when the photon dropped to 299 I had to go for it.

What a excellent decision it was

The level of detail at these small sizes was even better than I expected. For high detail 3D models of Star Wars Legion or 28mm scale miniatures the satisfaction that holding the resin printed models gives is immense.

I had dialed in my fdm printers for good miniatures at larger sizes for instance my Star Wars Armada scale fleets but these smaller prints excel even at the default .05mm layer height.

Overall I am super happy with the purchase of the Anycubic photon. And can’t wait to offer resin prints to those who want them



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