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Minbari Fleet Showcase


I finished the Minbari Fleet recently and wanted to show it off.

Like all the other ships featured on the site We 3D printed all these ships in our home 3d printing farm.  They are a mix of printing methods, some FDM printed and some Resin printed.

The stands are designs provided by RFXDesign and you can find the files for the stands here .  We are also licensed to print and sell the stands if you don’t have a 3d printer at home.

I love the Minbari Federation ship designs. What is featured here is a mix of ships seen in the show Babylon 5 as well as the expanded materials from additional content like the miniatures game”Babylon 5 Wars”.

Above is one of the best recognized ships from Babylon 5. The Sharlin War Cruiser. It and the larger Shargotti Flagship. slightly larger than the normal Sharlin cruiser with more weapons and armored hull.

The Trogiloan

A pair of Morishin Carriers carry enough Nial Fighters and Minbari Flyers outfitted for bombing to swarm any other fighters on the battlefield.

The Tigara war cruiser serves two roles in the fleets either as a war cruiser or a elint cruiser carrying out intel gathering missions.img_5445 As the Tigara: the Tigara is a brawler. It operates best in close quarters where it can bring all its armament to bear. As a Leshath: Bar none, the best Scout in the galaxy. This ship has it all. A high Stealth rating, excellent Anti-Fighter defenses, Agility, and decent speed; plus a fighter thrown in for good measure. If you can’t get the job done with this scout turn in your admiral’s stripes.

The Tinashi War frigate

Minbari’s Tinashi class War Frigate is a modified version of the Tinash-Haza class War Cruisers that served the Minbari during the last Great War with the Shadows. Most of the Tinash-Haza class vessels used in the last Shadow war were destroyed or decommissioned over the course of their nearly five hundred year long service to the Minbari people. No Tinash-Haza class vessels have served since about 600 to 700 years ago.


Torotha Assault Frigate
The Trotha has good damage output for a Skirmish level ship. It is a fragile craft, however, and will lean heavily on Stealth (read luck) for survival. Don’t count on many of these ships making it home. Their best defense is the much scarier larger ships which the enemy may decide to shoot instead. This ship will likely see a lot of action as it is the smallest ship in the fleet.


Ashinta Heavy Cruiser. The pocket Sharlin

One of the best escorts. It has Stealth, a good hull rating, and decent damage. This ship is only needed, though, when a massive enemy fighter presence is expected. It is worth noting that the Ashinta is the same speed as Flyer squadrons so it can accompany them on an offensive attack run if desired.img_5444

Neshatan Gunship.

Largest of the brawler ships, the Neshtan is also very tough with good all-around firepower. It is only marginally tougher than the Troligan, but it has both fore and aft Neutron Lasers as well as twin-linked cannons.img_5443



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