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Save The President!

We had planned to run a Alien RPG session but had to change at the last minute. Everyone had made room in their schedules so we fell back onto a game of Full Thrust. This scenario is courtesy of the returning player Ben. He chose to have two pirate players attempting to kidnap the Space President. Brandon would represent the local defense force responding to the President’s call for aide.

Turn one. Save the president from pirates. The local defense force is responding to reports of pirate activity in the Acumen system. The pirates or the local defense forces must approach the president ship along side it and match course and speed to board it and rescue or kidnap the president

Turn 1 Ben’s pirates won the initiative and fired on the Defense BC Hamarabe causing 3 damage and 1 point of damage on the DD Tachi. Carter’s pirates immediately took aim at the presidents escorts and the DD Draugr took a total of 6 damage. His damage control phase lost one of his beam 2s and lost an engine. The presidents escorts fired back at Carter’s pirates and his DD touch and go took 1 damage. The defense force fired back and annihilated the LC Pistol Pete and the rest of the forces fired on FF Bob2 and destroyed it leaving the Ff bob 1 and HC Babby 1-5 for the next turn

Turn 2 movement surprised everyone

Turn 2 combat Carter’s Pirates fired again on the Escorts and wounded the DD Draugr further and put it 1 point away from destruction. Carter traded his initiative with pirate Ben and Ben’s HC babby 1-5 chose to fire torpedos at DD Duna and did 4 damage. Then fired into the the LC Mjolnir and did 3 damage. Bob 2 fired into Duna and did 3 damage leaving Duna with 2 damage squares left. Carter finished his combat by Touch and Go putting 4 damage into Mjolnir and Kitesfear fired 6 dice into Mjolnir for 2 damage. Tunguska fired both pulse torpedos at Mjolnir and dealt 1 damage. He fired into Draugr to deal the killing blow. Firing his beam 3 into Mjolnir and dealt 1 damage and his beam 2 and hit for 1 sealing the killing blow to Mjolnir. Brads DD Duna then did damage control and lost a beam 2 a beam 1 his Fire control and 1 engine. The presidents ship fired into Kitesfear yelling “second amendment!” But missed. He is a cool president. For Brandon’s defense force his Connacht who’s tasked to intercept and get the president out fires all his weapons into bob 1 and gets 3 hits into the FF. Babby 2 two total damage.

Turn 3 movement

Turn 3 damage and the initiative went to Ben’s Pirates. His Babby 1-5 fires into Brandon’s LC Sirocco and does 2 damage. Passing to Carter. Carter debates trying to disable rhe Presidents Space Force One FF but decides to shoot at the DD Tachi and does 2 damage triggering a DC check. Then firing his beam 3 and 2s into Tachi and both beam 1s into Connacht and did 2 triggering a DC. Carter’s Bristlecone LC fires all beam 2s into Connacht and does 3 damage leaving 1 damage box. Carter’s kitesfear DD misses. He tries to take out the disable the DD Duna but missed. Carter Touch And Go DD fire into the Connacht and scores 10 damage which happens to be 9 more than it had. The president rolls down his window and moons bristlecone but fails to connect with his beam 1s.

Brandon’s BC fires both pulse torpeds into Carter’s DD and does 8 damage leaving him with 1 point left. Firing his beams finished Kitesfear off.
The Tachi fires at Babby and misses. The Siracco fires and does 2. 

Turn 4 and all the president has to do is slow down and arrive within 2 inches of the station

Turn 4 combat starts with Brandon’s BC and LC firing into Touch and Go DD and Deleting it. And doing 4 damage to Bristlecone. Ben’s HC misses his beams. Then Bob 1 takes aim with 4 beam dice and does 3 to Hamarabe BC for a total of 6 damage. Carter’s Bristlecone fires 3 beam dice into Hamarabe doing 3 damage triggering a DC check. Carter Tunguska BC firing into Hamarabe for a total of 8 damage. The DC check results in losing all but 1 fire control left.

Turn 5 movement

Turn 5 Combat. Ben’s pirates gains initiative and Brandon is nervous. His Babby HC fires his pulse torpedos and does 2 to Hamarabe. With his beam 3 he triggers the 3rd row DC them came the Beam 2s and took it down to 1 left for the BC Hamarabe. The spiteful Bob1 wishing rather to chance losing rather than Brad winning fires into the presidents Space Force One FF leaving him with 1 point left. If he loses his his engines he won’t be able to slow to dock in the safety of the station. Hamarabe lost both its engines getting it out of the game to rendezvous with the president. Carter’s pirate force takes aim. Doing 4 damage to Hamarabe when only one was needed. He then aimed with Tunguska and the pulse torpedos do 4 to siracco then finished the job with 8 damage when only 6 was needed. The defense forces are destroyed and the president will have to throw Space Force One in reverse to make his docking maneuver.

Turn 6 Carter’s pirates decides to bully the defenders by over killing the unarmed Tachi by 4 damage and the defenseless Duna by over killing by 3.

Much debate over who can get close to the president without overshooting before he can board the station

After a few movement only turns the result of the game are the pirates were able to get alongside the Presidents Space Force One and captures the president before he could get to his Solid Gold Escape craft.



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