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Introducing some newbies to Full Thrust

After introducing the son of one of our local group to Full Thrust Light, he proceeded to tell his friends what a fun time he had and convinced them to try it out.

They Did great picking up the rules with one Light rules DD each.

We tried something different for Game 2, an attack the station scenario with some twist.

So we tried something different this time. Each player had a light cruiser and heavy cruiser and also controlled an opposing station arm that was spec’ed as a Light BC without engines or pulse torpedos.

There was also a player that only controlled an arm and one that only controlled ships

We used cm instead of in for MU but I think that was a mistake.

The arm assignments were rotated by one controller clockwise so you wouldn’t be fighting yourself

Had to stop at turn 6 with one arm being half destroyed and two ships being destroyed.But for sure we have at least 3 new players in our local group

They were clamoring to introduce the full ruleset which we will have to try. One of the players does need to be more disciplined with writing orders and being more precise with his measuring



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