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The Consortium Shipyards

“Here at Consortium Shipyards we will repair, upgrade or build any ship you need. We can repair your freighter after that pesky pirate attack. We can upgrade your battlecruiser to the latest tech available all the way from hiigara. Need your salvo missile tubes restocked and serviced? We can do that. Get your carrier refurbished to carry the latest fighter designs. We can build your dominion war reinforcements too! Come on down to the Consortium Shipyards and get your shipyard needs met.”

Upscaled Consortium Freighter in FDM

Well prepping for the super exciting release of the EC3D Designs Astra Nebula Kickstarter files for me excited to print. I delved into their previous Kickstarter files from The Terra Conflict and found the Starship Ring station

Consortium monitor and destroyer

One of our fdm printers is having some stringing issues that lead to the ring station looking a little gnarly. The arms printed great.

Normally we use the resin printer for higher detail parts but the size of these (we upscaled them to twice their normal size) but for table quality it’s good to go.

Onil Creations Victory Star Destroyer



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