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Who Are You? Vorlon fleet.

Finding gaps in my fleets is fun because I get to fill them with new ships and showcase new battles on my tabletop.img_0515

The Vorlons are dogmatic and think that their way is the only way that younger races should follow to develop them.

As usual when scaling ships for my personal table I try to match the scaling ideas of the Star Wars Armada tabletop game. For most of the Babylon 5 ships the scale of 1:10000 seems to work fine and this seems true for the Vorlons as well.

I chose to paint these in a few steps: I used a can of yellow paint&primer as a base coat. I then used the Walmart Apple Barrel brand pewter gray for the spots and the middle stripe of body stripes. I then used Apple Barrel Pool Blue for the arm ridges of the cruiser and the inside of the petals of the destroyers and transport ships. I used a lighter mix of yellow and white for the engine ports, although that didn’t really do much contrast to the hull base color. I used a stripe on either side of the dark gray body stripes with Citadel Admitistraum Grey. I added some livery in Apple Barrel Real Red on top of the dark gray stripes and finally washed all of the yellow parts of the ships with Citadel Agrax Earthshade.

All in all I’m happy with the results and will gladly add them to my tabletop fleets.

AS with most of my posts, I produced these at home from my print farm and am happy to help others if they are interested in buying 3d printed starships in almost any scale.



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